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It feels like a sudden, irregular and repetitive jerk when driving or when your car is on idle. Although there are other signs of engine misfire, this is ...

This is probably the easiest way to identify as one of the toughest drivers on the streets of your city. But a Grille Guard on your truck or SUV serves even ...

If you run an automotive garage, you must have some tools for more efficiency. These include the smaller tools such as torque wrenches and you need some big ...

Your vehicle’s paint is made up of a primer layer, a base coat, and the last coat, which is a clear coat layer. The deep, shine, gloss comes from the clear ...

Putting the wrong fuel in your car is something that has happened to more people than you imagine. It is reported that around 150,000 people in the UK alone ...

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  1. Yeah but we’re using it without any problem. You should do some experiment with it and give a try at your own risk. :p Btw, its working well here. If you have some confusion then ignore that and try 3M or Permatex 27828 Heavy Duty Headliner and Carpet Adhesive.

    Keep informing us about your experiment, please.

  2. Oh no, feeling bad for you. Did you use BlueDevil only?
    Btw, thanks for your valuable information.

  3. Possible problems:

    • Vacuum leak
    • Transmission problem
    • Battery sensor

    It’s better if you can find out the check engine error code. Problem can be solved easily. Otherwise take it a nearest workshop.

  4. I think 1 bottle is enough. If needed try another :p

  5. Why not Wahoo, it is not only cheaper, but it’s easier to use and quality product. Check our review here

  6. Thanks for checking the post. Obviously it is good for hinting. And, yes it is IPX7.

  7. It’s better to follow the manual for your safety and vehicle durability.

  8. Hi Trevor.

    The job of the obd scanner is to provide the exact problem by showing you a code. Use a scanner tool to get the error code as soon as possible. When your vehicle is running, the alternator takes over the job of supplying power. Due to this fact, I doubt that the battery can the cause of the lack of acceleration problems. I would suspect that, this is caused either by a faulty sensor or an ignition / fuel system component which is dirty, has a bad electrical connection or is damaged and requires replacement. It’s better to have a professional come to your location to complete a car is slow to accelerate inspection to determine the source of this problem.

  9. Obviously, most probably you didn’t read the full post. I talked about this. check the FAQs

  10. No, I don’t think so, these are manufactured for cleaning the fuel injectors from carbon and ethanol deposits etc. For your safety use fuel stabilizer such as STA-BIL. I will write a comprehensive review on this soon. Stay with us.

  11. You are most welcome. Please describe your problem. Beside that, an expert can find out the problem easily.

  12. I am glad that you find it useful, That annoying bar will be disappear tomorrow. Stay with us.

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